Predictions for 2019

This is the time of year where all security vendors take stock of what they need to sell in the coming months and produce a litany of terrifying predictions that can be thwarted if you, the hapless victim, will start writing purchase orders.  While I don’t have anything to sell you here at, I have been working feverishly for the past several months on really insightful and grand prediction for 2019.  My hope is that this prediction will help organizations around the world to better prioritize their security spending and resources.  After all, what good is reading a prediction (and all the attendant bloviation) if it can’t help you in some what?  Well, on with the show:

Jerry’s cyber security prediction for 2019:

Tumisu / Pixabay

2019 will pretty much be like 2018.

Now, I know that you are probably reeling here, mentally recounting how this knowledge impacts your organization’s capital and hiring plans for 2019 and what you would have done differently had you known this a few months ago, but there is always time for course corrections.

The controls and processes that were important way back in 2018 continue to be important in 2019, and possibly even more so.

Strive to design robust IT environments supplemented by appropriate controls and monitoring.  Hire and/or develop people who know what that means.  Stay abreast of trends and test the effectiveness of your controls considering those trends and respond accordingly.  Or don’t: I can always use new material to discuss on the Defensive Security Podcast.

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