Self-hosting E-Mail

I recently read this post by a member of the community about someone’s struggles with self-hosting email. I first started hosting my own email in 1997 and I will admit, it’s been a titanic pain in the ass.

I’ve had two main issues:

  1. filtering out spam while allowing legitimate mail through
  2. ensuring mail is delivered, which is the topic of the post linked above

E-mail has become a vital utility for many people, my family included. If the wrong incoming mails are rejected, or outgoing email is not delivered, it can be a nightmare. THEY JUST WANT EMAIL TO WORK. Like turning on the faucet or a light.

A number of years ago, I gave in, to an extent, and “wrapped” my email around 3rd party providers: MXGuardDog filtered incoming email. MailGun delivered outgoing email. MailGun was indeed the only way I could reliably get email delivered to the likes of from my own mail servers hosted in various cloud and VPS providers over the years.

Recently, I had an issue with spammers fabricating* email addresses to send from using the “” domain. This caused me to set up SPF, DMARC, DKIM, and even DNSSEC for

At about the same time, I got a bill from MailGun – $15 for the most recent month due to the number of new accounts that had recently joined. This made me wonder how bad things would be without using MailGun. About 80% of signups on use addresses (protonmail is the next highest), so I removed MailGun from the mail flow and tried deliverability to And it worked! I removed SPF/DMARC/DKIM/DNSSEC records and tried again and found my mail was rejected.

I am sure that the large mail providers will blacklist my IP/domain at the drop of a hat should I be the source of spam, or even what it perceives to be spam, but it appears that they’re using some fairly straight forward standards that we can adopt pretty easily.

One last note: I am using Virtualmin to self-host my email, and while there are aspect of Webmin/Virtualmin that make me a crazy, setting up DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and DNSSEC is very simple with it.

*well, they were not totally fabricated – usernames in the fediverse look like email addresses, but they are not, and it appears that spammers are scraping websites collecting what appear to be legitimate email addresses to use as the “from:” address in their spam campaigns)

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