NCSAM Day 13: Track Ownership Of Applications

Web applications are among the most common entry points in data breaches and network intrusions.  In the best of conditions, defending web applications can be challenging, but I’ve observed that the are often orphaned as priorities change, staff turns over, and in the wake of organizational changes.

This is not a problem in all organizations, particularly in smaller firms that have a monolithic IT department that manages all technology, though I have seen the problem in small companies, too.

Similar to tracking servers and workstations, organizations should have a system in place to track the ownership of applications, and periodically revalidate ownership and force reassignment when the designated owner leaves or transfers.

The application owner should be responsible for understanding all of the components that compose the application and ensure that each component is properly vulnerability scanned and patched, or shut down and deleted if no longer needed.

Organizations should be on the lookout for applications not being properly maintained through vulnerability scans and other tools that may be available.  Unmaintained applications should be treated as an incident to investigate.

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